que sera sera

11/29/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Out walking Chris’s dog late afternoon Thanksgiving I came to understand that one of the things I am most grateful for is what hasn’t happened yet. All the wild possibilities. The big, bad (good) dreams. Believing, truly believing, life is possible, windows get thrown open, an often strange new world beckons – just out here, kid. Come just out here.

I think we were on 29th Street heading south, toward Mexico, when this realization arrived. I’m so grateful for what hasn’t happened yet. I talk – write a lot about empty mind. Don’t know mind. This fits with that. Dreamer, Saturday night dreamer, Sunday morning dreamer. Tuesday afternoon dreamer. Second star to the right and endless kid stuff. Wild mind. Yeah – Truth is, I’m wicked grateful for what may still arrive, with bells on, giggling and sparkling and reminding me to shine my little light and just keep on keeping on. Life lessons become lemonade; well, something like that.

I’m grateful for what’s out there waiting for me to join the party.