questions 7 and 8

11/11/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Who knows what time it is?

Phone’s broke,

my last wristed watch

was ’66,

Gift from Mom.

(thanks Mom).

These days it’s – now – and

that’s all you get.


How about the covid swab

Down so far my forested throat

the big toe on my left foot

yelped with glee.

(Pretty familiar there, girl).

The mail’s late,

just leaves on the porch,

I’d guess, winter, if someone

asked the time.

Possibly covid.

Man, was it ever so crazy?

Rent’s reduced,

I sleep on the righteous rug

all day

and it ain’t free

but it ain’t bad,

And it’s possible I had

the Buddha thing wrong,



I can’t tell for how long,

no watch and all.

broken phone.

Santa Ana’s swirl the porch,

internet weather girl

only date I got,

big toe erects at the thought.

Maybe drive-in movies will

make a comeback,

communal humpty dump,

Blue tooth in the window,

seven sisters stashed in the trunk

(saw it on a webinar).

Mom up there catches a cloud,

smiles down.

My boy?

I gave him a watch once.

Then Chicago had that song.

And he got all messed up.