09/09/2022 3 By BuddyCushman

I came in a little while ago from my morning walk. There were some rain drops along the way. I cannot remember the last time it rained in San Diego. They say it will rain more heavily, and become windier, as the morning progresses, the outer reaches of a hurricane spinning off the coast of Mexico. I’ll wait and see.

In the recliner much earlier, after a couple of meditation sessions, drinking coffee, more rain at that time, the song “I’ll Do My Crying in the Rain” slid into my head. I couldn’t remember who sang it, though a guess then would have been The Everly Brothers, and I would have been right. Also strolling in were The Beatles’ “Rain” and The Ronettes’ “Walking in the Rain.” I tried to think of other rainy songs in the recliner, and couldn’t, though Karen Carpenter has since appeared. And now Creedence.

I would have liked dating Karen Carpenter. Always been a brunette sort of kid. I would have tried to save her, be like Nico sang in the Velvet’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” – “I’ll be your mirror, reflect who you are.” “Come on, Karen, let’s go to Sandy’s at the Bourne Bridge and get some fish and chips. Let’s get breakfast, the wicked wonderful pancakes at Grateful Bread in Pacific City. We can walk down to Newport, here in OB, get hamburgs and those amazingly yummy chocolate shakes at Hodad’s – my treat. It’s okay, Karen. Eating fun stuff once in a while is okay.”

Who knows. This – me and Karen – could be the dreams of a rainy day. I very well may have been too weird for her. Maybe Richard would whisper to his sister, “You can do better than that.” Who’s to say. Rain, or shine, I’ve had my fair share of being okay, and a lengthy list of screw-ups. But I bet, this sort-of rainy Friday, I could have saved Karen Carpenter. And she’d feel it, being saved, someone trying to save her, and want to be close to me everyday of the week.

Being the helper, allowing the help, it’s all love.

Especially when it’s raining.