05/19/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I made new year’s resolutions this year, back in January, for the first time in about forever. It seemed like I was supposed to. I typed them in a slightly larger font and printed them, and that sheet of paper’s up on a wall in this room. Oh, there’s 14 resolutions. One of those 14 is this – My first thought is compassion.

This morning I woke at 2:30 and stayed awake, laying in bed thinking about this and that until the 12th resolution on my list appeared in my mind. Crystal clearly. Here’s a Friday where you (me) get to hold the shimmering kindness and connectedness of compassion right up there in the very front of your mind, kid. Yeah, compassion called me kid.

What an opportunity. I’m pretty sure this fell out of the comings and goings of yesterday, lots of swirls and ebbs and feelings, and that mental, emotional, spiritual stew offered its compassionate fragrance and the promise of its sweet taste in the middle of the dark night. Allen Ginsberg is quoted as saying, “First thought, best thought.”

Another of those 14 resolutions (#14) is, Don’t be prepared.