Hi there. I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon, or been led in a Hansel and Gretal-like follow the crumbs fashion, to books, videos, on-line essays and papers, you name it, that have done me a world of good to find and spend time with. Some have been life altering. And I thought I’d share my personal favorites as they come to mind – maybe one or two a week – with you. I’ll add media when it makes sense (and I figure how). I hope you find many of these as interesting and possibly as valuable as I have.

One more thing – if there is a book, poem, movie, video, talk that speaks to you again and again, that has felt like some kind of positive difference maker in your life, please go to the “Contact Me” page and let me know what it is. I will add it to what will be a slow but sure growing list here. Thanks.
So, let’s see.


Ted Talk by Amanda Palmer:  Amazing, wonderful, and heart-warming – “The Art of Asking.”

‘Tribe of Mentors’ book by Tim Ferriss – A treasure chest, a veritable cauldron of electrifying ideas.

‘Show Your Work’ book by Austin Kleon – He says “Google everything.”

Ted Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert:  Inspirational – “Success, failure, and the drive to keep creating.”

‘The Light Inside the Dark’ book by John Tarrant – My favorite book: wondrous, mystical, affirming.

‘City of Gold’ DVD documentary – This is love. Of difference. One meal at a time.