reign o’er me

12/28/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Tuesday – my brain’s electric right now – coffee and Maxine Hong Kingston. I’m close to deciding, this morning, she’s my favorite author, easing past Jack Kerouac. I suppose it depends on the day. I’m re-reading “Tripmaster Monkey”, and it’s hard to imagine a better book ever being written. Ever. And I’d agree there’s a zillion amazing, engaging, stimulating, thrilling, emotion-cranking, to-be-prayed-to books out there: bookstores, libraries, dusty corners, attics and basements, internet stores, yard sales and flea markets. Not one truly as good as the one I was reading earlier, with coffee, in the small recliner, the sound of awakening morning out there on the other side of the blinds, me, wide awake in here, more rain on the way, so much rain here in the southernmost of southern California.

Means you’ll find me the next two days (after a kid day today), a lot, snuggled in the small recliner with fresh coffees and Maxine, and flowery daydreams of my own as-yet-not-here-but-hopefully-soon-enough brand new books, and maybe a new girl friend, romance not required, sex a cosmic joke, simply someone special to hang around with and become amazing friends with, ward off – like with a spell – the loneliness of lonely days. Someone to notice the sparkle of the afternoon with.

Like – and this isn’t a sidebar – not counting blessings is plain old silly.