right after I woke up

11/22/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Blue sky early, streamed clouds, dumb drawing on the floor, yes, another week begins and I’m in love with my life – includes all the tears and weeping – and the continued chance to be an instrument of joy. Even surgically, sometimes, amidst the ruin, which seems/appears/pretty much insists to be part of the deal. Kind of sure the Buddha thought so. And directions on the box say only this – go with the flow – and aim to get better than even yesterday, which was mighty and sparkled with we get to help each other again. Yeah, the optimist in me thinks this is the answer to the why are we here thing.

Givers and gracious acceptors of gifts and you wake up and get up and plunge into the processes of the day – wham – you get improved. Species human. Sometimes I stray out into the middle of the road, which has its benefits and of course whizzing traffic. Mostly I’m camped on my side of the street – so I said to Stacey Sunday, there smack in another of life’s mystery theaters.

Who’s helping who?