“Rosalita jump a little higher”

05/21/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

You know, I’ve been trying to sell my Harley Benton electric guitar. The story of how I actually came into possession of that guitar is crazy, some of it involves an illegal cadre of electric criminals within the staffing of a massive UPS warehouse in Tennessee. I don’t remember exactly which city. The guitar traveling, eventually, across the Atlantic from Germany; across the US to San Diego.

Yesterday there was a plan to meet a guy from Tijuana in front of a shuttered Walmart on Imperial Ave south of me in San Diego, and sell him the guitar he’d been raving about having to have for a couple of days. For $150. Then he texted me at 2:16am and said he wasn’t coming, and there was his dance of sorts through the day, and after I got back from the meditation meeting last night I deleted that ‘Market’ post and replaced it with another, slightly more clarity in the language – Be serious, there are enough other dances already.

Now it’s early Tuesday morning and I’ve got work in a few hours, and I am entirely incapable of predicting my future beyond 8:50 in the a.m. today.