04/02/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Dust bunnies rolling around my head later here Thursday night. Did some good stuff, worthwhile, support the family, try to stay healthy, a bit quieter today. Daydreamed, on morning walk, about an extended stretch of silence, like four or five days without any talk. Be hard, the wife, the kid, but it’s a thought.

These days I tend to save money, some from not a lot, and when I spend it’s primarily for used books on Ebay or Amazon and pounds of coffee from roasters in Eugene and Corvallis, both small college cities straight down the 5 in the Willamette Valley here on OR. Reading lots, drinking coffee lots, long walks lots, and hanging with the wife a whole lot. Anyway, a month or so ago I made a decision to splurge bigtime and invested a smidge over $125 for a season of the Major League Baseball network (MLB) coverage. A rather large investment for me. I’m glad I did and the fact is anytime I spend money now it feels like helping the economy which as a citizen is pretty far out. Agree or not – it’s real for me.

Well, today was the season opening day for major league ball and amidst the usuals (praying/meditating/coffee guzzling/reading/walking/dancing with the wife/supporting the kid/eating avocados – all that jazz) I managed to catch a few innings here and there, even with the Red Sox rained out, including Yankee Stadium, Milwaukie, Petco Park in my sacred San Diego, and tonight at the Big A in Anaheim taking in a bit of an exciting White Sox team and the Angels. You can never go wrong digging Angels.

These are dust bunny-like facts of a ratatouille kind of day. Here cause I promised weekday weather.