sense of it

06/22/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Three distinct moments arrived on this morning’s walk.

A beautiful cat walked out from a secret yard to greet me, as I passed on the street. I was allowed one head-to-butt rub, sure I was gentle and loving. The cat had markings which, I understood, were the markings of the entire line of her feline ancestors – the family of jaguars; saber-toothed tiger. I realized how lucky I was to be right there, right then.

Much farther along I came upon a man with large tears in the knees of his pants, he was bent over, in a heated discussion with a plant growing up out of the sidewalk. I didn’t have any real thought about it, but the song “When I Talk to Loretta” popped into my head. Like, a plant named Loretta.

Still farther, passing the entire-wall mural painted on the Fern Street side of the Einstein Academy, I looked at the bottom, two small humans reaching up toward and into a large red heart. And here came the Velvet Underground song, “Beginning to See the Light”.

My long-time best friend, Doug Martin, who passed beyond in 2003 – he and I always liked saying to each other, “No sense makes sense.” And who could disagree with that? On this walk this morning, though, it all made sense.