serving somebody

07/03/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I’m excited to tell you my book “It’s Like This” is about to be available as an ebook on Amazon. Like any moment now. If reading on one device or another is your thing, you’ll be able to bring along Hector the rat(s), Phil with all his books, the fun-loving-robbing trio in ‘Beats Me’, and Peter Kausan, a didn’t-want-to-be zombie on Oahu, filled with angst and a bad attitude – reading wherever you go. Wicked cheap too, and cool.

The young woman in Australia who formatted the file for the paperback version of “This” came through again with the ebook format. Her name is Bailey. It’s really interesting to me, the weaving and entangling of this life of mine with the electric realities of the 21st century. This is a FIVERR deal, and this morning I received the expensive renewal charge for the next two years of my domain ‘couchsurfing at70’ from GoDaddy, which actually allows me to write and you to read here. There are two new website plans when my kind-of-retirement arrives in August, and hosting sites and WordPress plug-ins and YouTube tutorials and ethernet how-to’s about which I am clueless.

It’s all amazing, who’d of thunk it, and while I generally lose money on every one of these magical wand-like creations, they all feel valuable. For maybe lifting up the day, possibly being the small change saving the planet. Dylan says, “You gotta serve somebody,” and there’s something of that with all this in me. Maybe more than I know.

It all feels like right where I’m supposed to be. Even the deer-in-the-headlights stuff. Even me and Phil wondering, “What will I do with all these books?”