08/25/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

While out with the large push broom sweeping clean the long driveway here early this morning the idea of sleepwalking through life drifted into my mind. I guess because I realized I had to give full attention, in this case visual, to what I was doing. Otherwise the broom would whimsically skip over some of the dropped needles from the tall Torrey Pine out front, or the brush would hold as if in deep love certain needles and gently drop them back behind where I was sweeping. No, serious attention is required sweeping this driveway, sleepwalking will not do.

Of course, since I sort of measure my life in the music of all the times I’ve been fortunate enough to live through so far up ’til this morning, the song “Sleepwalk” by Santo and Johnny came to mind. I’d quote you a few lyrics except there aren’t any. One of those fine opportunities to be quiet and listen. Maybe you remember the song, if you were lucky enough to live through the 50’s and 60’s and are still with us. Let me see if I can imbed a link here:

I know this – I’ve been talking way too much. Miss a bunch of the music that way. Time’s too precious. I woke up again. I’m still here. I cleared the driveway of gravity’s work and a cool tree renewing itself. And thought of a childhood song and came back to my room and played it and it made me happy and going forward here on an already-interesting Wednesday, the best of me will be listening. And paying the best wide-awake attention I’ve got today.