So Young

04/07/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Beach Boys, “So Young” alternative take, post dinner dishes, Allen Ginsberg piling up in on-line book carts, it’s all about the war Baby. Like the song says, “…Then Mama’s baby will have seen the last of me.

I’m about the transcribing, Holmes, the story telling, documenting the moments, we share in ways and we change by our own seeing. I me mine. There’s a pile of books over there on the cabinet in the basement, all my unsolds, must be nearly a couple hundred. These were recordings, like the Beach Boys, alternative takes, and tomorrow I’ll zoom the Oakland cats and tomorrow I see my young son catching vaccine number two if’n he don’t make it too big a thing, in his head, before hand, unlike how the Beach Boys sang “So Young”, showed up and do’d it, real similar to the way I document these passing weekdays, like that movie with all the college grads and their beyond college lives, “Just tryin’ to keep the conversation lively.”

I kind of like doing the dishes, sun going down, early evening bird song, cleaning the counter, cleaning the stove, water in the coffee pot for tomorrow so early in the morning, it’s one of these nights, here, now, where the crazy words might spill out endlessly. But like that pile of books, who would want to read them?