some of my blessings

11/25/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

I’m still here; brave stories; Brian Wilson; my ass; being thrilled; my broken heart which still beats; the Great Spirit; sunshine; I live in San Diego; my friends; abundance; old Walden House sweatshirt; flowers; able to be inspired; knees which take me on walks; boogie boards; San Marcos kids; my own books; a bureau; coffee; my 2002 Camry; ongoing hometown connectedness; bougainvillea; Couch Surfing at 70; ice cream today; a working internet; my grateful heart; Keto; Kate’s cat Zoey; Chris’s dog Maddie; D Street; my CDs; Ocean Beach; all the birds; royal palm trees everywhere; being bold; I’m a writer; Joyce’s garage; my two sons; my married time with Susan; I’m not homeless; my sisters; Wayside backpack; a life of houseplants; my Morning Pages; all my art stuff; Gavin; meditating; my eyes, ears, and nose still work; Kerouac and Ginsberg; the moon in the morning; my tears.

I’m still here….