Spenser turns 30

11/08/2022 1 By BuddyCushman

Off to Idaho.

I just had the funniest vision, with every book I was picking up and seeing with considering eyes – Can I bring this one? Is this the right one? Is there enough room for this one? Each of these books wildly waving its arms and hands at me – “Me, me, bring me.” And in my vision I felt every book was exactly the right book – “I should bring you.” Then this wicked fun thought blossomed in my mind – I don’t need to bring any clothes at all. Just all these books. I’m only bringing a backpack, like I always do, and all these exact books will fit quite nicely.

It’s fun to think like that, and if I lived in a cave or in more spacious freedom in my mind and soul of course it would be a no-brainer. But, I suppose, I don’t want to be a stinking thing at my son’s birthday party. That probably falls under being a slightly responsible dad. So, in the next few hours there are tough decisions to be made.

One other thing. As the fantasy of a giggling backpack filled only with books was fading, another thought came to play. Where were all these brave and encouraging and wildly enthusiastic books when I was so lonely not so long ago?

Spenser turns 30 on Friday.