summer found me

10/27/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

From “my startled heart”:

Summer found me sitting on a log, 

ruffled by the afternoon westerlies, 

at the edge of a eucalyptus forest, 

the trees speaking

among themselves, in braille, 

rubbing shoulders. 

Me all silent, 


blown out with thinking.

Some lullabye from

far over there, beyond 

and through

the stripping bark.

Something nearly remembered, 

music to a kid’s ears, 

calling out questions.

The big, big questions.

Dumb old me, 

clueless like always,

which isn’t so bad, 

still digging the sun.

I wonder if this breeze 

has come to carry me away, 

maybe connect me

to this bluebird day, 

where someone reminded 

the clouds

to easy does it. 

Advice I could stand, 

Over and over.

And over.

Sitting on this log

for hours

making up stories about this life.

This whole life.

Far off there’s a dell, 

and the soft, sweet sound

of a lazy cow, a

lady’s choice lovely

lost in the wonder 

of a three-course meal –

again and again, 

running up a tab

at her farmer’s expense.

Lost in wonder of 

what a cud-world it is.

Lost in wonder at the way 

it all works.

Lost in wonder at the color green.

Lost in wonder 

about the habits of people.

People like me,

sitting on a log 

ruffled by the wind, 

saturated, and satiated, 

with a sunny summer’s day.

Through and through,

again and again. 

Dumbfounded here within

this forest’s conversation

With itself.

And with that girl

in the glen, 

chewing her grass in 

that faraway dell,

which is farther 

than I can see –

even –

on my best days.

Yeah, it’s just me.

Silly little braille boy.

Feeling everything.

Discovered by the woods

one summer’s day.