Technical Difficulties?

05/24/2021 2 By BuddyCushman

The keyboard on which I’m typing this Monday morning sits on the old Cushman kitchen table from when I was a kid living with my parents and two sisters in Wareham, Massachusetts and which my mother gifted to me some 50 years ago and which has been hauled and motorvated and delivered back and forth across the United States more times than I have fingers, probably, and here today sits on four legs on the basement floor in the basement of the house where I have lived and loved and had something of a life renaissance these past nearly 12 years and now about to come to a sudden end. Beneath the table sits my desktop, goofily sitting on the floor since I came down from my second-floor writing room when Spenser showed up nearly five years ago, and this morning I am mentioning this keyboard under which my fingers are dancing (my two index fingers) and the desktop computer (Lenovo Professional) on the floor because in less than two weeks I will have to disassemble all of it and hopefully fit everything – including the rather big-ass monitor directly in front of me on my growing-up supper table, and hope I can remember which wire goes to which input spot and I hope I remember to take pictures of where the stuff is in the back of the computer, the speaker wires and monitor wire and power cord and then pics of the surge protector because it’s got to go, all of it, when I go.

And for the next month, or less, beginning June 6th, most likely, when I vacate Nehalem Street for good, I am hoping to reassemble the Lenovo on a patio in the house in the next town over belonging to someone I met early on in Portland when I was running a respite foster care program and she was a therapist-like person for badly screwed-up kids and a few weeks back she agreed to a June extra bedroom space for me in exchange of two paintings – ironically the extra bedroom which I have seen one time has already hanging on its west wall a painting I painted many years ago and which Kate bought – I remember doing the exchange of canvas and cash parked on Belmont Street in front of the Rockin’ Frog cafe where Kate liked to meet me after I’d gone on to another job and then another life with a new wife.

So, anyway, the point here this next-to-last Monday morning in May, is that maybe I don’t put things back where they belong and maybe I can’t get her internet signal out on the patio and it’s on this computer where I write this Blog Mondays through Fridays and on which I have written most if not all of my eight books, so if I can’t get it up and functioning I’ll be left with the newer Dell laptop on which I Zoom (it has a camera, the desktop don’t) and basically nothing else, all of which could mean this – “Technical Difficulties”. But I hope not.

My plan is to try and write and post one of this week’s “Couch Surfing” posts on and from the laptop, a practice run of sorts, the laptop having a truly sucky keyboard as far as I’m concerned, flat and not with tiny legs like this one, though maybe I can plug this into that, who knows, and to be honest I have a lot of way bigger concerns and you might even say problems – say, um. no address to forward my mail to – than my being a technical dunce, so all I can say, and ask, is that you bear with me if there is a day or two when I do not keep my vow to post weekdays every day – since January 22nd now – back when I was a happily married, carefree kid.

Now I’m mostly just the carefree kid part. With potential computer issues. And Blog deficiencies. And, as that wonderful 80’s band ‘Missing Persons’ once sang – “Destination Unknown.” Like,five weeks from now. Wires in the right place or not.