tell me why

02/28/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I pull the cord, open the blinds, see two crows fly by. The early sky is morning blue. This week is brand new. The journey goes on.

Rituals include the 7:45 walk, my skip a little quicker. It’s a work day. On the walk, downhill one way, uphill the other, horizontals zigzagging and connecting, a text from my friend Kate asking about the Oakland Airport, which is my fave, and I can tell her about the wild rabbits which hop along and over the runways. It’s Oakland, Kate, and you never know what cool stuff you’ll see out the window.

The walk includes my humming – was it “The Boom Town Rats”? – and taking pictures: three – two of flowers, hibiscus and unknown, and I skipped shooting the lavender wisteria (big Duh). One of a painting just above the sidewalk in front of the Sherman Heights Community Center, painted girls and skeletons, I think it’s a Mexico thing.

If I can fry bacon, I can eat breakfast.

I like Mondays.