the day before the day

11/24/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

readership wanes, love remains, public displays of idiosyncratic inanes, and down here, so southwest I need a second language, it almost never rains. Walking the dog, catching up with Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’, catching up on my reading – ya, coffee, coffee, coffee – the thing is here’s one of my hang-it-out places – pretty much like the song says: “And hey Joe, when Jimi checked out, he was talkin’ about a kind of place you could go. Where you could lose yourself every hour or so, or at least hang it out.”

dig that.

Today’s all-day easy does it, dog walkin’ easy, me walkin’ easy. cottage cheese in the fridge and heavily stocked up on blessings to be counted. Overlook the bad times, that first Thursday was a feast, and I wish nothing but joy and tasty food and warm friendships for anyone regularly stopping by, and of course, everyone else on the planet too.

Yup – there’s a lot to it. And angels arrive waving miracles and new friends, and I believe in it, and believe it never ends. Just so conscious of my blessings.