the thrill has come

07/17/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

I’m typing this at the confluence of the Hillcrest and Banker’s Hill neighborhoods in San Diego, CA, here on Monday, July 17. From a new home. The unpacking and moving and arranging and straightening and the this and that’s of leaving one place and arriving at another are not yet done. Think back-ache and making the decision to sit on the floor and weep. But – the actual lugging from the previous place, and in this case that’s dos casas (two homes) is done, me carrying heavy and strangely-shaped items down many stairs early this morning the end of it, followed with a thorough cleeaning of the room that was, and was for some 21 months. It’s two homes cause I’ve been offered the great gift and invitation to make a new home with a wonderful, kind-hearted, generous, and most interesting woman.

So – the heavy lifting has come, and of this morning, gone – we plunged into a move’s physicality and emotional drain Friday – and it’s the walking around boxes and weirdly-placed furniture another few days. But – here’s me riffing on B.B. – the thrill has come.

Alice fell down the rabbit hole and her eyes got bigger and her life got bigger, heck, even she got bigger, and that’s how it feels here this sunny Monday afternoon. Sore back, weary eyes, grateful, spacious heart. As my Sweetie’s friend likes to say – “In for the chance.”

Way more to follow.