this Friday

12/17/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

All I have to say here this Friday morning, which is the next-to-last Friday before Christmas and the second-to-last Friday of this year, which has sure had its moments. And you could say, well, don’t they all? And I think it would be okay to say yes and no. Yeah, they’ve all got moments. Um, not so much like these.

I can report it rained overnight and on my long early morning walk (a this-year thing) I got to see the palms and pines and trees who’s names I don’t know yet, they were all glistening in the bright, warm sun. Glistening’s a Christmas kind of word, I think I remember, and back from the walk I was playing Percy Faith Orchestra (‘We Need a Little Christmas’) and Darlene Love (‘Baby Please Come Home’) and looking for old-favorite movies I can rent tonight and this weekend and next week when my housemate goes home to San Jose and I’m here with the hound, keeping the holidays the way we do – me and the pooch – before this year runs out.

I’m kind of in the moment here so far today. This particular Friday.