this old heart

10/23/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

Saturday afternoon I went with Ann to talk about hope at a psychiatric hospital. The registration guy at the front desk asked my name, and I gave my formal name of ‘Winston.’ He stared at me. I said, “Like the cigarette,” and he kept staring at me. I asked, “Haven’t you ever heard of Winston cigarettes?” and he said, “No.”

Sometime Sunday afternoon I saw a notice on the computer that the oldest brother of the Isley Brothers musical group had died. He was 84. I scrolled over to YouTube and found a non-video-y version of “This Old heart of Mine” and shared it onto my Facebook page. We’re all tangled together as members of the human race. It was something I could do. There’ve been many, many joyful moments I’ve spent on this spinning rock being uplifted by The isley Brothers.

Long after people have forgotten Winston cigarettes, now after we’ve said goodbye – and thank you – to Rudolph Isley, I’m still here. With a vow to spend time chuckling and giggling this Monday. And bowing, bowing to all the wonder, all the life, bowing with this old grateful heart of mine.