Today being Today

04/01/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Wednesday, 7:15 pm.

Today is today. Mostly was today, now creeping along toward a new one. Today is not yesterday. Entirely different, a unique thing. Today is/was unique. Today is today.

I liked today. I hurt my back and both wrists and created general aches and creaks working out in our vast vegetable gardens (Punster) this afternoon, three rectangular spaces none larger than 2×5, two shorter, and one wooden planting barrel. It was 70 degrees and sun-splashed, rare events in the March Northwest. And it was working a garden and prepping for vegetables, joys and blessings, see we’d driven up to Woodstock and checked a few places and ended at the local Ace hardware and were highly encouraged to buy a bag of powerful soil organical improver ($20) and we did and came home and lugged it out back and stripped off winter clothing and with implements including shovel, pitchfork, metal rake, and hand scoop turned soil and dug weeds and added the good stuff and mixed and prayed and possibly chanted (I cannot speak for Susan, I know I did), and after we celebrated by a short drive — aging, aching body (again, cannot speak for the wife, so this description of me) versus a short walk all stiff and achy and walked into Errol Heights and we saw nutrias and ducks of varying parentage and geese and what may have been a magic goose egg (me) or a rock (Susan).

And earlier I went for a long walk alone which I did as well in the unique yesterday, and made a late breakfast and while eating looked at baseball internet stuff (ditto yesterday) and sat in meditation way, way earlier (same) and drank coffee and evening decaf and I read the same Allen Ginsberg “Journal” book as yesterday and I did a Zoom Oakland thing (today) and yes, the weather was summer-like and sweet and gentle and better today but I still had some raised voice time with my son Spenser (like yesterday) and I thought about my other son Cameron (ditto like yesterday) and about a few friends and about the Red Sox and Padres (yup, yesterday) and I had tinges of electric chest discomfort (like not only yesterday but a bunch of days now) and when we (Susan and I) were walking out of our after-vegetable prepping mid-afternoon walk from the wetlands park – spectacularly beaver’d out – close by our house, she was up in front of me and I was ambling along, I had the quite clear, most distinct, yowser my bowser thought that today was so just today. And so not the million-mile-away yesterday. Which wasn’t as cool.

Today being today.