08/10/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

My life, today, is filled with so many wonderful, remarkable things – gifts, really, from living life, from being part of. An imperial sadness nudges its way in as well, though when I’m mindful I realize it’s often like a vampire, needing an invitation. But, not always. Being sad for loss is as real as smiling over butterflies.

This is my third writing today -it’s 9:35 am – my everyday Morning Pages followed by my most-of-the-time ‘timed writings’, these last few weeks clocking at 25:25. And now this post. I’ve been writing myself out, I know, trying to get to where and when I stray off gratitude and is it me or is it that particular time, and how best to allow the harder stuff to pass while jumping up and going all in on the dance with my blessings.

It does feel like many of my Blog posts since I arrived in Encinitas July 3, have been similar in their content and much of the language employed – there, you might say, are those words again. Found here, again, in what I originally called my “daily weather reports”. It’s just the way it is, and all I can say is here’s me today.

Today, also, is my first day alone with the kids, this absolutely unexpected and truly amazing and enriching opportunity to be part of the lives of a young married couple. My job. I want to keep them safe, that’s first, and I want to share the me of me and see if there maybe isn’t something in there to enrich their lives as well.

There’s grace about.