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07/21/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

The brief post in my mind the last hour or so was this – “I ain’t got the internet, kids, but I’ve got the California tags.” I even took a picture, sitting on the driveway, when I arrived ‘home’ from the DMV, about 18 miles and 43 traffic jams up and down the road from Oceanside.

Then I went to speak to the landlady about the no internet and what can we do, and at that very moment she was on the phone with T-Mobile, her provider, ’cause the whole house, it turns out, was internet funky, not just the hip new kid way back there in the far room behind thick walls which – now they tell me – is historically a wide-web black hole. Anyway, the landlady was given the cosmic remedy – turn the router off and on – and the internet floated back on electron music into the house, even back there with the new kid, though buffering remained (and remains) a way of life. Why I’m out here on the patio again, struggling with the daylight and grateful the ability exists to make another weekday post.

Actually hanging in the DMV a couple of hours may have been a smidge better than my angst of the trouble with what seems so natural nowadays, pretty much zooming anywhere in the world. And it cost a lot less to register the Camry in California than it did in Oregon. Life’s funny sometimes.

Anyway, not much in the couch surfer’s mind today. In need of a chill pill, pretty clear on that, and again it’s lovely in the external weather’d Encinitas milieu and hummingbirds tick and chatter in the glorious yellow flowers directly behind me. And I have it as a goal to become more comfortable with the laptop in general, and using it out here more specifically. Maybe that’s a be careful what you wish for, maybe old man river just keeps rolling along, oh, here’s a flash, I have an interview for potential employment next Monday late afternoon, someplace called San Marcos. Hope I get to look up how to get there.

Thanks for hanging in, Blog devotees. Cosmic stimulation lately, via moi, on the down low.