03/22/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Traveling in my mind, today – Monday – I wonder. Do humans flit? As an active verb? Can I?

I am flitting, so’s you know, amidst various geographies my precious springtime March, out there in this daylight Provincetown down the way end of Cape Cod, Oakland of course, and a journey of the mind into Harlem with Langston Hughes my guide, though physically I’ve yet to travel anywhere past those just beyond 110th streets.

There’s always hope, I say, and like the mind travel, there are the moments of extraordinary wonder when I visualize the way I’d like it, the where I’d want it. I heard one of the guys in the band “Television” talk about the power of wishes, and, Oh, I do wish for more time, loads and heaps and bundles of time, there is so much good to do, life to be full and wildly lived…….noticed, noticed, noticed — this, this, now this. Needing to be done. Help this tundra along. And I’m just the guy for it.

“Who dat?” the cats in P’town queried curiously upon the moment of my electronic arrival this Monday morning. But I just smiled, and answered, softly, “the Oregon kid.”