Two-Day Unedited Scrumbles

04/10/2020 0 By BuddyCushman
“Gorgeous sunset from UC Berkeley!”

4/9 104,505 – Let me speak here, later on in the day and after ingesting a sleeping pill, of my hopes and wishes for the immediate future. Primary among them is the re-charge for ongoing moment-to-moment positive thinking and here I extend to the clarity of positive expectations. And beyond, the clarity of allowing the positive results to occur, positive actions and behaviors and activities, support from unexpected sources – a growing infusion of creativity in my own mind and especially regarding my job as me, who I am, I am a writer, filling me with wildly engaging and stimulating story/tale ideas and provocations, and for the good of others, my job here to help save the planet, maybe it’s one person at a time, to keep on keeping on, to open my mind – and I am filled with the expectation that wild, engaging, vivid and sensuous ideas are on the way, showing up soon, and ready for translation to this place of keyboard and monitor and Word doc.

It is clear, and this includes the increase daily in hours devoted to serious, focused reading – as well as the writing of stories, the once upon a times – like with the Exegesis, ongoing devotion to read and read on and it gets clearer and it provokes my mind and infuses me – there’s that verb – with blasts and puffs and wind-blown gusts of creative ideation. Which is maybe probably all I’ve got for tonight, the juicy goodness stutters more in the evening, skids and flows and streams earlier in the day, especially around the dawning of the day. Which means and this is the plan I see and wish for and expect these next many hours to get a good night sleep, to recall vividly visual dreams and record them in the dream steno, to sit with clarity and just this and nothingness – einai – was this, I am – and drink likely four cups of coffee and do hours of reading before the return down here to get it on with the writing thing. Then I have ordained if that’s an okay word all of tomorrow to be given over to the loving act of reading and rejoicing in the language of love and light. Call that a Yes Sir.

4/10 – 104,880 – This is a day of/for coffee and book pages. I’d like to think for writing as well, which will be all good. Then, it goes with saying, the ongoing consciousness of powerful positive attraction….powerful expectation of the positives, powerful and pristinely clear and sharp allowing of all those goodies to arrive – and bless. Yes, just after 7am here before other writings, this is quite a fine way to say it.

2) Oh, the hipness. Oh my God, the hipness. Exactly what’s a boy so hip to do in this day, this age, these times – I ask myself these questions and all I’ve got, all I get, is this – rave on. Just rave on Bro and what that looks like is simply you all you – You Baby (ala Turtles) – and for this here “human” (jury remains out) it’s sitting right this very here and slapping down the two digits on the keyboard which sure ain’t a ‘tasing me Bro’ but I’d like to think amps up a charge of some degree and just in from a mid-day walk, likely low 60’s and abundant sun, sure there are lots of folks out there soaking up the ‘D’ – reminding me of the famous James Brown query – ‘Can we take it to ‘D’ – yeah, we feel you Godfather of Soul, it’s all about the music and while out on the walk the music is supplied faithfully by a spectrum of birdsong which is indeedy the good stuff and it soothes and comforts and so possibly one answer to what’s a hipster to do these days is get out and soak in the ‘D’, yeah take it to “D’ and that can’t be wrong and speaking of music supplementing chickadees and northern flickers and crow contralto late in the 45-minute walk I hauled out the smart phone and cranked out via Y’Tube, in order, ‘The New Radicals” (You got the music in You) and Leon Russell’s “Alcatraz”, and see, therein once again we come up against the hip quotient, as in how many cats out there today be at one with that particular song name-saked that particular island and Market Street and bags of beads and the Oklahoma Russell man himself, who’d likely weep at the current hijinks of that Sooner state Governor, and see there are so many topics on which to dwell and ambiate. You know….keyboardly.

 And it says here, just like the Airplane sang so very long ago – Share a little joke with the world.