up the road, and long ago

11/30/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

It’s Tuesday morning. I’m a few minutes from leaving the back lot and making my way out onto the 5, the 163, the 15, and the 78 for 45 minutes or so of high-speed, fairly crazed, who gave these folks licenses anyway driving up to San Marcos and six hours of inspiring, affirming, and always cool kid time. And I use the word “kid” with deep affection and respect – you know me, I love being called a kid, so honor calling someone(s) else too.

I’ve done many of my morning things, which is good. Oh, when I got home last night from the crazed-in-the-dark return ride, I found a large package waiting for me. Upon opening the shipping box I found a brand new copy of “WBCN and the American Revolution”, which I didn’t even know (the book) existed, but knew could only have come from my long-time friend David P down on the outer reaches of the Outer Richmond in San Francisco – long-time as we go back to Salem State College, 1969/70. The gift wasn’t signed but I knew it was David because he’d called me a couple of weeks before to tell me about the PBS documentary by the same time, strongly encouraging me to check it out. So I right away paid for at least a month of PBS and watched it. I laughed, I cried, I literally vibrated in recognition of a time and a place – and great sounds too.

And now here’s the book last night, a large, beautiful, expensive piece of literature and history and goodness. And I fell into it a while last night and, hopefully I get back here to San Diego post fun kid-time tonight, I’ll look at some more.

I also signed up for Disney + a couple nights back and watched the first episode of The Beatles “Let It Be’ Peter Jackson thing. Again, laughing, crying, blown away and filled with joy I got to be there once upon a time.

So many once upon a times.