we can be heroes

10/16/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

There was a deeply thick fog when I walked into the living room for meditation earlier than 3am. Now, at just before six, I’ve come here after standing in the middle of the street and staring up at Orion’s Belt – more tilted than how I usually observe it, farther toward the western sky. Things change. Dogen’s “Tonight’s moon is not last night’s moon.” Just wait a minute and it will be different. And especially with ‘right now’ eyes. Which is a reminder to myself, how to peek out at this unfolding Monday.

I read words akin to Chinese poetry over the weekend, and I want to write one or two or three down because I like them a lot, and because they may be windows thrown open to Blog posts showing up and falling out the rest of this week. Which I don’t take for granted – say, me still here this Thursday – but about which I am hopeful. So, here:

“The breeze brings the voice of the water close to my pillow; the moon carries the shadow of the mountain near to my couch.”

“Coming along the mountain path, I find something endearing about violets.”