what’s that second epiphany?

05/25/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

I had two epiphanies yesterday, and this morning I cannot remember the second one. Epiphanies, kind of a big deal. Right?

It’s like if a mysterious stranger stops me on the sidewalk and says, “Here are the two ‘Secrets of Life’, the path to eternal joy. Always hold them close.” And the next afternoon I’m saying to myself, “What was that second secret?”

Ah – there’s two things you should know: The dude on the sidewalk was no dude after all, she was a woman. The ‘trained’ monkey mind finds its casual way to men. And – this is so cool – the second secret was – There’s no second secret.

Oh, that has me laughing like a chatterbox crow high up in a palm tree. Even though there was/is, in fact, a second epiphany.

And if you ask me why am I posting such a light-hearted piece the day after the massacre, I’ll wonder to myself why are the birds still singing? Why are the flowers still flowering.