Which Side

05/26/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

I felt I had a long, organized, well-thought-out, word piece for this Couch Surfing home for today, this Wednesday, exactly six weeks since my life flipped over and the world changed in an instant – my world anyways, and my kid’s.

So this morning up in the recliner, say 5:45, I had this cool idea forming about today’s Blog, which would surely be a report of my internal weather which is the day-to-day goal, and then Wednesday happened and some very wonderful things happened including a degree of ongoing kindness toward and for me which continues to blow my mind, and is both affirming to me as a human and for me regarding humans. And I made another delivery to the independent bookstore, giving my life’s books to such a deserving place, and deposited a bit of money in the credit union from selling microphones and a painting, and then I came home and tried making calls out in the backyard of a way less pleasant, and frankly for me, discouraging reality, but none of them went anywhere, and dinner is early tonight and I have three calls I care about, one of those more business-y things, from 5:30 on, and my point is the great Blog idea of many hours ago is gone – flown away. And I am tired and drained and all you get from me today is this speedy nothingness.

The Blog, which will use an extended version of this one’s title when I write it – I’m hoping tomorrow – works from the questions of “Which side are you on?” Some of you may know that question, in its musical configuration. This won’t be that.

Wrung-out Wednesday.