why do I Blog?

06/27/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

This question came to me while on this morning’s walk. I got to shake hands with a young guy wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt on the walk as well. I also had the joyful opportunity to have two non-human conversations with kitties in windows, one in a home, one an apartment. On my walk I carried Ann’s flip-flops and summertime sundries to her car, got to blow a kiss goodbye.

Mostly, it was this post’s title question. Why do I Blog? It’s been six years for me as a blogger here at couchsurfingat70, and my best answer is the hope of providing something entertaining. Something engaging, worthy of these few minutes of your time. A piece of your going out into your day.

As an all-my-life writer, there’s also what feels like need — short of compulsion, and way beyond habit and routine. Ritual has more of an honoring quality. Coming home, again and again.

There’s a change coming with this Blog, as there’s a change happening in my life. I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.