wild parrots for neighbors

07/28/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

The Zen Roshi Joan Sutherland says that some of the times the gate we have to walk through to move forward on our (the) Way is behind us. I’ve felt some of that lately. I felt it profoundly in a Zoom group with some folks in Colorado Springs yesterday afternoon. Talking about Precepts.

In order to continue forward I need to walk through the gate behind me. Not walk backwards. Turn and face that gate and walk through it, maybe for the first time, to keep on keepin’ on in the here and now, just this day, forward.

I haven’t had enough sleep for a few weeks, there have been big, big life changes, and ‘discombobulated’ is a most apt adjective. Still, the path I get to walk appears before me. Pretty much I see it. Sometimes it’s behind me.