yes I do

05/10/2023 4 By BuddyCushman

I was reading a book of Zen the other morning – I do – and came across this question, a question which might be posed by a teacher to a student who has “entered the room.” This question – “What brings you here?”

It’s so cool, for me, such a fabulous question, and I think making sense in pretty much any setting. Any setting at all. “What brings you here?” Why am I here? For what am I here? Here.

So, I’m sitting on the cushion yesterday afternoon – I do – and the question showed up and it took me to this place, this place right here, this Blog – couchsurfingat70. A place where I rarely receive feedback, the once-often texts of “Love it” or “Great post today” pretty much gone. The numbers of viewers on WordPress – giggling, “It’s a lonely old world, isn’t it, cool cat?” And yet, here I am. Coming here. Every weekday. Without fail. Never not here.

I have an answer.

There was a pretty famous science fiction writer, back in the day – my day – named Harlan Ellison. One of his best known books was, “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.” He also had another popular crazily mind-bending book – “The Beast That Shouted Love At the Heart of the World.”

That’s the answer for me. For the cushion question. What brings me here is I get to shout love at the heart of the world. Yes I do. Over and over and over again.