zip codes

06/16/2021 0 By BuddyCushman

Real early quickie today. The plan is to head up to Gresham and visit with Spenser. He returned later last night from a week in Idaho with the new family and in-laws – all of whom he adores. Therefore it was not a surprise when he indicated little to no interest hanging out with Dad today – or going forward. In fact, I was thrilled to hear it. His life’s been majorly uprooted and now he gets this wildly different life with younger and (probably) cooler people and his degree of being psychically stimulated likely rises and that’s all good, even if there’s some of me feeling sad about seeing him less before rarely seeing him at all.

We got closer as companions during Covid, and a lot more so the last couple of months as imminent fugitives from a life we’d known a long time and on to another – in his case, with people he knows and loves (in his Spenser way); in mine, on a new path, what so far has been an amazing adventure filled with glowing generosity and kindnesses, funky and fun invitations, and the slightly scary and even more thrilling reality that “the plan” for me has yet to be revealed. If there’s a zip code out there with my name on it I can’t tell you today what it’ll be.

Maybe I’ll swing the cursor back up to the now-empty “Add title” line and type in “zip codes’. I think that feels right. Spenser’s got a new one, which may change soon, the lease is up, to another town or possibly another state. Mine for sure is changing to another town and another state – and if the creek don’t rise and there ain’t no meltdown – it will be a state with a heck of a lot more sunshine that the one I’ve been living a wondrous life in the last 12 years.

So, in an hour I’ll drive 15 miles to visit my son and hopefully he’s awake and wants to hang with his pops and I’ll lower the number of times to visit from there, and possibly even head out toward somewhere south and way closer to the Pacific sooner than planned and like I said to Kate earlier this morning – my life feels really interesting to me these days, and I’m trying to pay it my best attention.

Here’s a fun long-ago picture of Spenser, who is a real cool dude.