how about being happy anyplace

07/11/2022 0 By BuddyCushman

Wow. So opinionated. So early on a Monday. Geesh – the sun hasn’t had time to break through yet. Many thoughts, some feeling profound. And the crystal awareness that every time I read a piece (Koan story) again, something else opens, or something which had opened opens more. Goes from “Yeah” to “Wow.” Falls within the gleaming magic of “Oh my head.”

Man – layers and layers and layers of reality. So, the stone and bronze Buddhas on my walk – a walk with abandon – saying “Yes”, no words necessary. Maybe friends and family don’t say “Thanks” for the letters I’ve sent, but the Buddhas on porches and lawns are forever saying “Yes.” Nothing other. A corporeal sangha in this today life. I mean, what if I were to fall on my knees before each one and bow 100 times? What then? Like, as opposed to my drive-by (walk-by) little bows, which – here in the small, blue, easy-chair recliner – are exactly the same anyway. It’s not about me saying, “I see you, Buddha.” It’s about those Buddhas saying, “Yup.”

And like I was mentioning, and imagining, expecting a “Thanks” from so far away on the other side of the mountain (the street) isn’t it. Endless reminders. Addressing the name, their name, on the envelopes, sticking a stamp, was it. Is it. Love, love, love. Wow. Loving with abandon. The song for me – “I think I’ll go outside for a while, and just smile.” Where love’s got everything to do with it.

Maybe much of it is being crazy in public. Which is likely how I get my heroes. Think about it – the glittering shock of not preparing the room. First thought, only thought. When I’m just dancing, twirling on the 14-year-old’s front yard. Humming “Surfer Girl”. Close by daffodils and iris. And the gift of feeling different.

“Don’t blame him for not being careful in the beginning.”