in it for them

07/08/2024 0 By BuddyCushman

I was having this conversation with Gavin last night. I was saying that I write books and poems and I create paintings and from them greeting cards and note cards, even a long-ago zine. Then I offer those creations up for sale and, I said to my Oakland pal, for the most part any sales are few and far between. And I get to think about that.

I’ve been writing here lately about obstacles being, in fact, invitations to learn something – try to learn something. So, with the not much selling there’s the opportunity for me to think about why that is. How I feel about it. If my feelings about it are healthy, or not. They certainly haven’t always been.

The place I’ve landed much of the time this past month regarding the what I make and what happens with it when it’s sent out into the world is here – Am I offering something of value? Something worthy of someone’s time and commitment and money. So, this shows up – “What’s in it for them?”

It’s a great question – surely one worthy of my time and investment – one I wish I’d been living with a lot longer, and more thoroughly, than I have. I’ll tell you, though, this Monday. And I guarantee it. “What’s in it for them?” is at the top of the pops for me now.

That’s good.