watering the macadam

09/08/2023 0 By BuddyCushman

The three-word title of this post came to me when I was out in the dark between cups of brewing coffee, able to see a partial moon through the flimsy marine layer, and a couple of morning stars. Orion’s Belt there, and not there.

I’ve felt closer to my Zen practice this week, which I don’t want to talk much about, but sometimes do. In spite of myself? Because of myself? As if there is no self? Me and the not visible this morning on the dark street Orion’s Belt – not two.

See, this stuff just shows up. Actually, a post earlier in the week was the most Zen thus-ness I had to share: dolphins playing close by the shore; sunrise over the still water of the Bay; a homeless guy wishing on his grandson.

And yesterday’s “Radical decosntruction of everything I know”? I go there, and “watering the macadam” shows up. Like taking a picture of the inside of my coffee cup (cup #2), when it feels like a cave painting to me.